Indigenous People's Day 2020

Our previous event, which was also our first, was held on Indigenous Peoples Day(Columbus Day) at The Green Hill Kitchen. We heard all original music from Rob Europe, Robert Bruey, Julia King, and Nick Kerzner. All of the performers did an incredible job and we even got to see some collaboration between them, most notably Rob Europe accompanying Robert Bruey on guitar. After each performance the artists gave an interview about themselves and their music. This gave the listeners an opportunity to get to know their favorite local artist in a more intimate setting, something they otherwise wouldn’t have experienced at a typical gig. Everyone had a great time and we received many gratefully appreciated donations and sold almost all of our t-shirts and bumper stickers. It was so rewarding to see everyone come together for the love of music here on the East End and we are now more than ever excited for the future of EEMA.

Be Sure to follow all of the Artists on social media and Spotify

Nick Kerzner(Wandering Time)

Julia King & Greg McMullen

Robert Bruey

Rob Europe

Photo’s taken by Estefany Molina

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